Our award-winning EMPOWER Training system is specifically designed for women business owners.

Each of our monthly membership tiers cater for different business stages, different needs and budgets.

COVID & Beyond: Crisis Management Training

Free crisis management training for women entrepreneurs

Women entrepreneurs, protect your business now and plan for growth post-Corona. Our COVID & Beyond Crisis Management course offers 12 modules of intensive online training specifically designed for female solopreneurs and micro-business owners like you.

Which membership is best for me?

  • 6 x £24.97

    6 x £24.97EMPOWER Lite Membership

    Benefits: access to ALL our award-winning courses, including 50+ training modules, join our community channels, 3 x workshop tickets at 50% off. Time commitment: complete courses and homework completely at your own pace.
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  • 3X£220

    3X£220Mastermind Membership

    Benefits: access to ALL our award-winning training courses, including 50+ training modules, our community channels, all online workshops and live webinars PLUS group coaching. Time commitment: 1 hour per week for learning plus fortnightly coaching.
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Membership details

Here's what's included in each of our memberships

EMPOWER Tribe community channels YES YES YES
Collaboration opportunities YES YES YES
Marketing opportunities  YES YES YES
Training videos ALL ALL ALL
Training templates, and tools ALL ALL ALL
Webinars and workshops YES ALL -
Group coaching YES YES -
1-2-1 monthly coaching YES - -

You're in good company

Feedback from women entrepreneurs on EMPOWER Tribe

Kate H.

Lifestyle/Wellbeing Coach

I took part in one of Ceylan's EMPOWER workshops and would definitely recommend them if you're looking to get clarity on a particular area in your business. With the insight gained and the push we all need to implement that knowledge, you will be abele to make significant positive changes to your business and in the long-term your income and impact. Ceylan is really sharp, savvy, knowledgeable and a strong coach/mentor who keeps you on track and accountable to your goals.

Danielle A.


I joined the EMPOWER tribe to learn how to improve in my business. When I implemented suggestions from the webinar on how to communicate with your customers with empathy and support during Covid-19, I was delighted with the response. 2 of my previous clients contacted my for help with their current symptoms. Thank you! Your initiative and ongoing training and support is invaluable. Wish you continued success!

Jennifer C.

Creative Director & Founder

Ceylan's Empower course focused on marketing, however, was exactly the kind of time I needed to spend on my business and I am so glad I did. It was a small group setting which was ideal for working through Ceylan's worksheets, have helpful dialogue around any issues, getting immediate feedback and listening to the challenges of other small business owners.

Rebecca H.

Financial Advisor/Company Director

I attended the EMPOWER for women business owners workshop which I found was focused on my business. The course helped me to better market myself and focus more on my target audience. While attending the workshops I took over the running of my business and these workshops were imperative to setting out my business plan and strategy. I would highly recommend the workshop and since I attended I have referred onto others and received positive feedback.


  • What is EMPOWER Training?

    EMPOWER Training is an award-winning business training and group coaching platform developed by Academy for Women Entrepreneurs. The aim of EMPOWER Training is to enable women solopreneurs and micro-business owners with business acumen to support them grow their companies with confidence and fulfilment.

  • Who is EMPOWER Training for?

    EMPOWER Training has been designed specifically for women micro-business owners and female solopreneurs who want to take action to ensure business growth. We work with women business owners who believe in learning, guidance and collaboration to navigate the ups and downs of entrepreneurship.

  • How does EMPOWER Training work?

    Thanks to our different membership levels, EMPOWER Tribe is designed to bring solutions to different challenges as faced by female solopreneurs and micro-business owners depending on the needs and stages of their businesses. Each course includes 12 modules and in each module you will find training videos as well as worksheets, templates, tools allowing you to work directly on your business.

  • When is the best time to start?

    There's no better time to start then today! The timing of your enrolment to any course does not matter as you can access the modules any time, and all the webinars will be repeated in the upcoming cycle. We do however strongly recommend that you work on the modules in order as they are developed with a learning journey in mind.

Meet your instructor(s)

Founder & Lead Coach, Academy for Women Entrepreneurs

Ceylan Boyce

Ceylan Boyce is a strategist and marketing expert who spent 15 years resolving corporate companies’ issues. Then she decided to put her know-how at the service of SMEs and became a business coach. More specifically an entrepreneurship coach and business strategist… She genuinely believes that SMEs are a key driver for innovation, productivity, growth, employment and social progress. Entrepreneurs can change the world for the better. And she wants to help them in bringing about that change! Although there is a little bit of superhuman in every entrepreneur, unfortunately, leading a successful business is not an innate capacity. It requires a specific skill set and knowledge. That is the reason why more than 50% of SMEs fail in their first 5 years, and why most of the remainder struggle to survive, leading to stress-filled lives for their owners. Ceylan’s mission is to empower business owners in gaining a business mindset and developing skills which will enable them grow their businesses and achieve their dreams while living an enjoyable life. How does Ceylan do this? She just makes you light the fire and fan your flames.

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